Joseph Beuys (EN)

From Though to Word, from Form to Matter, from Action to Work of Art, as seen through the Historical Archives of Buby Durini

Lucrezia De Domizio Durini

  • Pubblicazione: 30 maggio 2019
  • Pagine: 304
  • Illustrazioni: 340 col. e b/n
  • Formato: 30,3x24,3
  • ISBN: 9788838101311
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The book

This publication was created from the De Domizio Durini Historical Archives, drawing on exclusive photos by Buby Durini, chronicling the last 15 years of the life and works of the emblematic German Master Joseph Beuys – one of the key figures in the history of world art in the post-war period – all of which were experienced by the author herself, in the course of her extensive travels to countless countries around the world.
Taking the photos as her starting-point, Lucrezia De Domizio Durini examines and analyses the mechanisms and vital dynamics that allowed Beuys – through the transformation of Matter – to personally develop the contrasting forces which lead to a transcendence of Human Thought.